A downloadable game for Windows


Well, literally...

DON'T RELAX. DON'T ! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE ! THE SKY (or ceiling, as you see fit) IS FALLING ! Avoid the falling cubes to avoid being stomped into oblivion, and watch your steps, you don't want to fall into the void beneath this weird building.

You'll run through an infinite stream of small worlds, ranging from narrow corridors to really big open areas, where either the ceiling is falling or the ground is falling. Stay aware of your surroundings, be fast, and everything will be fine !

In case of emergency, or when you want to get past a big pit, you can use your dash ability, just aim where you want to go, and activate it ! You have free dash charges, and those will refill over time.

Survive as long as you can, and go through as much "rooms" as you can to score high !


Move your mouse to rotate the camera (well it's a first person game...)

Press ZQSD/ WASD to move around

Press Shift to run

Press Space to jump

Press CTRL (left) to crouch

Press Left Mouse Click to dash

Press Escape to open the pause menu


Thomas Lebrun (Raivk) - VFX & 3D Art, Code & Audio, Level Design & Building

Julien Kuhn (Cybions) - Development, Level Design & Building

Install instructions

1 - Unzip

2 - Play


ItsRainingCubes_Windows.zip 50 MB


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Very cool game! I find the game addictive! I played it for 20 minutes without seeing the time pass! The soundtrack is cool, with a good headset, I was able to blend in well with the game. Very cool ! I think a mobile version would be all the rage ! A small flaw I find in it is that you can't change the controls in play. My left ctrl key is broken so it's difficult to slide, I don't know the unity control configuration options well but I didn't find a key assigned to the left ctrl.

A very cool little game that keeps you busy more than just going afk on what ever game you play, haha!

Hello ! Thanks for the very kind comment ! We appreciate it :D

I worked a lot on the soundtrack, so I'm glad it pleased you ;)

Yeah we don't use the unity control configuration options, we had plans to add remap-able controls ingame, but we fell short in time... sorry !

Anyway, the feedback is really appreciated, thanks again !