A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Somewhere, sometime...

Relax, nothing can harm you here. Enjoy the calm. Enjoy the view. Listen to the waves...

A Lonely Cabin is a short relaxing experience. Set in the middle of the ocean, a small cabin is just waiting for time to pass. You can control time to see this little cute scenery under different lightings.

This was made to support a 3D modeling course given by Jean-Baptiste Bledowski. He gave me the models and textures, and I integrated and animated everything. It is meant to give students an exemple of what could be made with the models they make during the course.


Move your mouse to rotate the camera

Press left / right arrows to control the time of the day

Press Escape to open the pause menu


Thomas Lebrun - VFX, Code & Audio

Jean-Baptiste Bledowski - 3D Models & Textures


Thanks to Daniel Zeller for its wonderfull water shader and code

Install instructions

  1. Download the .zip corresponding to your plateform.
  2. Unzip
  3. Launch the game !


LonelyCabin_Windows.zip 30 MB
LonelyCabin_Mac.zip 32 MB
LonelyCabin_Linux.zip 34 MB


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This is one of those lovely little projects where I  can and have put it on and left it running while drinking my beer. The graphics are great and I like the little things you've added such as the shark that circles around and the little wisps.

Even the night sky is pretty cool and as for the cloud like things at the edge that just change shape just adds to the coolness.

But do you what would make this even more cooler? Change time in realltime to cover a 24 hour clock and then add some slight random movements so you can just "Sit back and watch it and forgot about all your troubles."

Really neat :) or as we say in Yorkshire "Top Notch".


Thanks for the nice comment ! It really warms up my heart :)
Cool advice for the realtime clock, I'll keep it in mind if I update this short game (but it will for sure be in the upcoming short experiences like this one that I will be making sooner or later)