- Un-Star-ble is a game made for the Ludum Dare 49 -

DISCLAIMER : Use the web version at your own risks, it might be less stable than the downloadable Windows version. If you can, download the Windows version.

DISCLAIMER 2 : This is more a toy than a true "game". Do not expect a scoring system / end-game / progression. Treat it as a small experiment. It was made in just a few hours by a single person.

Alone in space

You're lost in space, no more fuel. Your only way of moving around now is to use your special weapon that makes stars go unstable and explode. 


Travel in space and discover what is hidden out there. You may find other explorers like you. Or other things. Who knows ? Space is weird sometimes.

Make stars go kaboom

Click on the various stars to de-stabilize them and create huge explosions! Us this as a way of travelling in space. It may be hard to navigate precisely, but oh my god you'll go super faaaaaast!

Players goes nyooon

Make bigger kabooms

You know what's better than a regular explosion ? A HUGE EXPLOSION!!

There are different type of stars to discover. Some will do regular explosions, other will do small but powerfull explosions.  And some will... Yeah you'll go absurdly fast if you click on a specific type of star.

Easy controls

Just use your Mouse to click on the stars. That's it! Do not hesitate to spam click on stars. The more you click, the bigger the explosion!

If you get stuck, you can also press R to regenerate the universe.

Click click click click BOOM


Everything in game Thomas Lebrun (Raivk). Yeah I made it all by myself this time!

Player with stars

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withUnity
TagsExperimental, Exploration, Explosions, Ludum Dare 49, Short, small, Space, stars, tiny, toy
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Unstarble_V1.0.zip 38 MB


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pretty calming game.. good job.